Best Electric Car in India

Any country’s development status can be comprehended by how much of its people own vehicles & Here we bring Best Electric Car in India. Number and mode of vehicles are a significant factor in determining the economic development. People having more and evolved vehicles such as electric cars usually establish the example of developed countries. India is a developing country where the evolved car like electric cars are lesser than the fuel driven cars.

Best Electric Car in India

But as time progresses, Indian companies are willing to launch more and more electric cars in the market. And it is also fact based that with the ongoing argument of safeguarding and sustaining the environment, people have started to switch their mode of vehicles. They are now shifting from petrol and diesel, the major releaser of carbon dioxide to lesser polluting vehicles such as Electric Cars.

What to expect from best electric car in India?

Indian automotive market has recently started to launch the electric cars. Many of us don’t know much about electric cars. Here’s the basics you need to know before purchasing one.
As earlier mentioned, these cars are environment friendly. The emissions of these cars are negligible or zero which means no tailpipe emissions. Electric engine in electric car works on a closed circuit, that’s why it does not emit the gases which are responsible for the global warming. Any environment conscious person would go for these cars for sure.

By the drivers’ experience it was shown that electric cars make lesser noise and offer a smoother driving than the fuel based cars. Electric cars operate on rechargeable electric battery. That means if one has to go on a long journey, he/she has to charge it once. Free from those constraints of halting at petrol or gas stations frequently.

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But the picture of best electric car 2020 is not painted in positive light only. It has its negative aspect as well and especially when it comes about India. Majority of the Indian population is a middle-income or lower income group. There are only handful of rich people who can actually afford these electric cars as these cars are very costly in this initial phase of launching.

Many Indians find it easy to purchase fuel based cars on low price rather than saving for the electric cars.
In India, refuelling on fuel station of fuel based cars is much easier than that of electric cars. There are only 386 EV charging stations across India.

In the middle of journey if one runs out of the battery, it might cause a serious trouble. Contrary, there is no such worry if one is driving a fuel based car.

How to choose the best electric car in India?
As for the country India specifically, few factors must be considered such as battery and range. Electric cars do not have gearboxes to that of like conventional cars. In this way, electric cars need one to quit the habit of shifting gears. Across India, only 386 EV charging station have been installed so far.

There is no chance of encountering any or more than one station in your journey. Picking for a long battery range would be the best option for Indian roads.

Five Best Electric Cars in India

1. Tata Nexon EV

With Smart Regenerative Braking, Tata Nexon EV is the bestselling Best Electric Car in India. 4000 units of this one of the best electric cars in India have been sold out since its launch in January 2020 making it the highest selling electric car of India. Its price ranges from 13.99 to 16.56 Lacs.
• Drive Modes- Normal, Sports
• Battery- 30.2 kWh Lithium ion battery pack
• Acceleration rate- 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds (sports)
• Charging time (regular)- 8.5hrs
• Motor type- Permanent Magnus Synchronous Motor
• Distance per charge- 312 km/battery

2. Morris Garage ZS EV

Morris Garage is a British company famous for its top class electric cars across the world. MG ZS EV was launched in February 2021 in Indian markets as Best Electric Car in India. This Sport Utility Vehicle includes a huge 448-litre boot space, machined alloy wheels and power-assisted electric steering.
• Drive Modes- Echo, Normal and Sports
• Battery- 44.5 kWh Lithium ion battery pack
• Acceleration type- 0-60 kmph in 3.58 seconds
• Charging time (regular)- 6-8 hrs
• Motor type- Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
• Distance per charge- 419 km/battery
• Price Range- 20.99- 24.48 Lacs

3. Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric is considered one of the best electric car in India. This impressively designed car was launched in July 2019 in Indian Market. Along with its striking mileage, this car can produce immense torque at 395 Nm.
• Drive Modes- Echo, Normal and Sports
• Battery- 39.2 kWh Lithium polymer battery pack • Acceleration type- 0-100 kmph in just 9.7 seconds
• Charging time- 7-8 hours • Motor type- Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor • Distance per charge- 452 km battery-only
• Price Range- 23.77- 24.96 Lacs

4. Mahindra e-Verito

This Electric Sedan by Mahindra was launched in 2016. It was the first electric sedan of India to be launched that time. After 2017 this electric sedan was made available to the individual customers, prior to that Mahindra fulfilled the tender floated by a government agency. It also comes in top Best Electric Car in India.
• Drive Modes- Normal
• Battery- 21.2 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack
• Acceleration rate- 0-60 kmph in 11.2 seconds
• Charging time (regular)- 8-9 hrs
• Motor type- 3 Phase AC Induction Motor • Distance per charge- 181 km/battery
• Price Range- 12.3- 13.1 Lacs

5. Mahindra e20Plus

This compact car for easy breezy city drive was launched back in 2016. Pre-cooling the car through the smart app connectivity is the smartest feature one has ever seen. It is one of the Best Electric Car in India.
• Drive Modes- Driving only
• Battery- 16 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack
• Acceleration rate- 0-60 kmph in 14.1 seconds
• Charging time (regular)- 9 hrs
• Motor type- 3 Phase AC Induction Motor
• Distance per charge- 120 km/battery
• Price Range- 7.48- 11.49 Lacs

India saw an upsurge ofbest Electric Car in india 2020. Following 2021 is also witnessing the same upsurge with an increased intensity of electric car launching and production as well. The most persistent question to be asked is that do the best electric cars of India really contend the people and urge them to shift in an eco-friendlier mode of transportation.\

As Indian companies along with the foreign country companies are trying their best to provide efficient electric car which best suits Indian roads and their complications.

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