7 Best Women Safety Products

This article has compiled a list of 7 Best women safety products. Keep reading to know in detail about all these 7 best women safety products:

7 Best Women Safety Products

In today’s times, it has become very important to be aware about certain things. Especially in the case of women, it becomes even more necessary. With increasing crime rates against women, it has become essential that women be able to keep themselves safe from these nuisances. Safety can not only be ensured by being able to fight physically. There are various products too, that come handy in such cases. There are several types of equipments available in the market that can be utilized by women in cases of danger.

7 best women safety products

  • Pepper Spray Pistol

This is one of the best mechanisms to save yourself from caddish people. Now, there is no more the need to carry spray bottle everywhere. This tool comes in the shape of a gun, which makes it very convenient to use. And it’s completely legal!

  • It is a great appliance for self defense and wounds severely the target.
  • Self defense with Flashlights, look similar to a lipstick

This is another important thing among the 7 best women safety products. This is a tool that comes in the false appearance of a lipstick. It is very convenient to hold and carry. It does not create suspicion either and therefore, can be kept secretly.

  • At late night, it is perfect as it is able to produce very bright light.
  • It can be used effectively to give shock to the perpetrators.
  • It comes with a charger with it.
  • Self defense Baton/Safety Rod

This is unique equipment designed for self defense. It comes handy when you are out and face any dangerous situation.

  • It comes with a cushion grip and can be folded.
  • It can cause great pain to the person being hit.
  • Safety Panic Alarm

This product is a very valuable one in the list of 7 best women safety products. This tool is very useful for women going for work. Its is easy to carry and works perfectly at any time.

  •     It is manufactured from ABC plastic which is durable and water resistant
  •     It produces a loud sound of 130 Db and helps to attract attention when there is harmful situation.

 This bracelet is one of the best things for women safety. It comes equipped with the options like knife and compass. There are total of 5 tools in this bracelet. These are:

  • Para cord
  • Flint Rod+ Fire Starter
  • Compass
  • Knife
  • Whistle

Any of the above stated options can be used to protect yourself in case of danger or emergency. It is available in stylish look, in military green and black colour.

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  •  Folding Knife

When it comes to self-protection, a knife is always regarded as one of the most valuable entity. It can be carried very easily and does not require any complex mechanisms to be operated.

  • It comes in elegant design and attractive colors.
  • It is approved by the Indian government, therefore you can carry it without any license.
  • It works effectively to harm the attacker.   

This is yet another important tool in our list of 7 best women safety products. It can be utilized when you are stuck and are unable to react physically. It is lightweight and can be operated by simply pulling the key chain that is at the top.

  • It produces a loud sound of 128 Db.
  • The alarm sound can be prolonged till 15 minutes perpetually.
  • The LED light is bright and can be turned on by using the button at the bottom.
  • It comes in stylish appearance, in black and grey colour.

These were the 7 best women safety products. All of these tools are very convenient to carry. These are all very user-oriented and especially designed for women safety. You should have at least one of these with you to fight off in emergency cases.

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